Check out Project: Food Budget. It's an awesome challenge and the Emilie's site is great! 

Okay so my budget this week was $50. I needed to feed 3 people for the week. My grocery bill came out to $52 dollars exactly. Two dollars over but it seems like I could do much better than that. I am trying to cut as much meat out of our diet as possible. I have cut it completely out for me...maybe with a cheat every now and again because I made a deal with the B that I wouldn't make it hard on other people. Also I'm not going to force him to give up meat. The problem is that I didn't buy any meat this week and I was still $2 over. I going to have to get more creative with my budget. I do still expect B and F to eat no meat most nights of the week. It saves us tons of money.

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Emily said...

i'm impressed that you were able to get it to $52 for 3 people! we can barely keep to $100/wk for two...

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