Project:Food Budget

Project: Food Budget

Well lets see how we did this week (needs a calculator...). This weeks total $41.68! Okay so last week I didn't get a post in because we were so super busy. No excuse but it happens. I think I went over my budget by about $10 last week. So the budget this week was again $50 for 3 people (one being quite small).

Dinners for this Week:
Seared Chicken with Maple Glaze
Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
Classic Black Beans and Rice
Italian Chicken and Potatoes
Slow Cooker Potato Soup - I don't use frozen potatoes and I sub in my own vegetable stock. It makes it so good.

Other Foods for this Week:
Bliss Salad

I just realized there is a lot of chicken on this menu! Hope the boys don't mind. I'll have to make sure I mix it up a little next week.

The Week 3 Participating Blogs: 


Emily said...

way to be under budget! and while eating all that chicken. ;-)

Healthy Hayley said...

Yes I tend to always have Chicken and Pork on my menu plan... I do not buy a lot of beef as it is really expensive all the time.

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